What we do
Human-first experience design

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Our design approach involves finding the sweet spot between user needs and organisational goals. Our projects therefore begin with a combination of user research & stakeholder workshops. We call this the ‘discovery phase’. Through techniques like user testing, interviews and analytics reviews, we can get to the bottom of what your audience wants.

When it comes to crafting the user interface, we move quickly with a ‘fail fast’ attitude. Creating prototypes, we can get something that feels realistic into the hands of users and stakeholders within a matter of days. We usually begin with fairly simple wireframe layouts, gradually refining adding visual fidelity until we reach a polished design. By engaging real people throughout the design process, we can validate ideas quickly and ensure important insights aren’t missed.

We specialise in delightful websites that people love. When designing we consider the finer points of interactivity. We’ll cover illustration, animation and the small flourishes that create a lasting impression. Naturally all of our design work is mobile-first. We’ll ensure that the user experience is accessible and beautiful, no matter what kind of device is being used.

Design Services

  • User research
  • UX prototyping
  • UI design
  • Content creation
bimble workflow

Bimble : a case study

We worked alongside Bimble’s development, marketing and product teams to craft a great experience that people would love to use.

Rapid prototyping stimulated discussions. It allowed us to try new things, and user test original ideas. Bimble is a brand new idea, and we needed to know which parts of the app people enjoyed and which ones they didn’t.

All of this design work was eventually translated into a product UI framework and design specification that Bimble’s development team could build and launch.

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