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Stitched are a sustainable window apparel brand, offering bespoke curtains and blinds.

They work with some of the world’s most forward thinking mills to provide eco-friendly fabrics that feel good.

We partnered with Stitched to craft the website UX and UI. The team’s goal was to provide revolutionary tech that puts the customer in control… From user-friendly guides to measure up curtains, to Augmented Reality (AR) previews before ordering.

The challenge

We worked with Stitched to define the online experience for desktop and mobile from the ground up.

Stitched wanted to provide first-of-its-kind technology to help buyers, allowing them to configure and preview their curtains in a 3D space before ordering. With a large number of configuration and preview options, presenting the interface in an easy way posed some interesting design challenges, especially at mobile.

The site design also needed to work hard at selling the products themselves. Stitched wanted a minimalist design that showcased the premium, sustainable nature of the fabrics.

The work

We took a user-centered approach to the project. Before diving into screen layouts and interactivity, we first worked with the Stitched product team to understand the users’ tasks, questions and workflows. This included the initial onboarding process that allows customers to order a sample pack, to the configuration of their chosen design.

After mapping user journeys we then began developing interactive wireframe prototypes. These allowed us to ‘fail fast’, trying different approaches to product measurement and customisation. Interactive prototypes meant that we could be user test these with real customers in a realistic environment. By testing an iterating throughout the process, we ensured the designs were fit for purpose.

When creating more high-fidelity interface designs, we worked closely with Stitched’s branding team to ensure that the interface reflected the same quality look-and-feel as the products themselves.

All of this work was eventually translated into a design system that development team could build and launch. We continue to work with Stitched to evolve the design, updating based on user feedback and the need for additional website features.


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