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  • UI Design
  • User Research

Bimble is a startup with roots in Oxford University’s strategic marketing programme. The concept is to provide one app for all your favourite places. We worked with them to craft the UX and UI for their updated website and iPhone app.

The challenge

An app with a social purpose, Bimble helps people discover, collect and share amazing places. This in turn helps others discover the best spots and local businesses in an area.

We worked with Bimble to help redefine the experience of their iOS and web apps from the ground up. Throughout the whole process, we had to take on board their brand and their users, as well as understanding existing market challenges.

The work

We worked alongside Bimble’s development, marketing and product teams to craft a great experience that people would love to use.

Rapid prototyping stimulated discussions. It allowed us to try new things, and user test original ideas. Bimble is a brand new idea, and we needed to know which parts of the app people enjoyed and which ones they didn’t.

All of this design work was eventually translated into a product UI framework and design specification that Bimble’s development team could build and launch.


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Pixel Fridge have felt like an extension of our core team. They have helped us iron out some pretty big kinks in our UX/UI and did so by working closely and effectively with all of us.
Francesca Howland, Founder and CEO at Bimble