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Applications that are flexible, sustainable and secure

Development is second-nature to us. We have decades of experience building with numerous web platforms including WordPress, Drupal and Contentful. We also have experience using a huge number of third party integrations and APIs. Flexibility is something we take pride in. Rather than forcing you down a specific path, we’ll guide you through the whole process. After understanding your specific needs, we can suggest the best tools for the job.

We take web standards seriously. Our team always strives for clean and accessible websites that can be used by anyone, regardless of ability or disability. Our technical choices are also governed by the need to do social good, and mitigate our impact on our environment. We don’t just want to make quality products. We want to make a difference.

We’re here to fully guide you through the process of getting your website or app live, from kick-off to launch day. We see ourselves as your digital partner, teaching the technical elements of what we do.

Web Development Services

  • Web Development
  • API Integrations
  • Security, QA & testing
  • Sustainable Hosting

Historic Houses : a case study

We built the website using WordPress, creating a bespoke theme that really shows off the Historic Houses brand. The house search listings were created using the JavaScript framework Vue.js, making use of the Mapbox API for users to be able to more easily find historic properties close to their location.

Aspects of the website required building integrations with the client’s CRM software, Microsoft Dynamics 365. Users are able to join, pay for and manage their memberships through the website, with immediate synchronisation with the CRM.

All of this data is provided as a source of content for an accompanying mobile application, through an API we developed.

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