What we do
Brands for the digital era

We recognise the importance of being digital first. Our approach ensures that your organisation can be recognised on any device, from the biggest billboard to the smallest smartphone. By prioritising the digital applications of your brand, we can ensure your organisation’s presence is known anywhere. Even in the palm of your hand.

Digital has become the primary medium for most brands. People are engaged with their devices constantly. Chances are that most of your audience perceive your brand through the lens of digital. It is now essential that your brand is effective when experienced digitally. Traditional brands focus more on print, and less on a screen-based application. This leads to ineffective creative that doesn’t translate well to screens.

Our process is collaborative. We’ll work with your stakeholders to ensure that we’ve fully understood your values, objectives & customers. This allows us to iteratively design a brand identity that encompasses what you represent, putting your audience in the right mindset to engage with your services.

Branding Services

  • Digital brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Visual direction
  • Content strategy

Pragmatiq : a case study

Working closely with the marketing team at Pragmatiq, we evolved their visual identity to ensure that it better reflects the direction of the company. The concepts explored themes of forward movement, innovation and problem-solving, and the final logo includes a forward-facing arrow integrated within a simple typographic mark.

When the brand guidelines were agreed we then delivered a number of assets for print as well as defining specific digital applications of the new brand. This led seamlessly to the design and build of a new company website.

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