Why we want to become B Corp Certified

We want to be the go-to digital partner for clients who want to create engaging digital experiences, whilst doing social and environmental good.

Pixel Fridge was born of three former colleagues that wanted to do good work for and with good people. Just over three years ago, we set out on our journey. Our vision highlights what we are always aiming for as a company. This is;

To be the go-to digital partner for clients who want to create engaging digital experiences, whilst doing social and environmental good.

As an independent business, we have complete control over the decisions that we make from choosing our hosting partner to reduce our carbon footprint or committing to spending time or money to help our local communities. The ability to make these decisions, powered with our vision and values means we can genuinely use our business as a force for good.

This article touches on the start of our B Corp journey and more details and updates will be released as we go.

Doing our part

We are very aware that as a small digital agency we aren’t going to save the planet by ourselves but we do believe that we have a responsibility to address what we can control. At present, we are far from perfect. We do however have a genuine desire to be a great place for our people to work, doing great work and having a positive social and environmental impact.

We are specialists in creating digital brands, UX design, UI design and development. With our core deliverables being web based applications, we aren’t in a position to dramatically reduce our environmental impact through tangible materials. That said there is a real need for all digital creators to consider and reduce their environmental impact. If everyone acted in small ways there would be a dramatic reduction in the energy usage to power our lovely world wide web.

Whilst we are doing what we can to reduce our environmental impact we have a real opportunity to do social good; by creating a great working environment, by delivering purposeful experiences to end users and by investing in supporting our local communities. For example, if we are able to release a platform that helps someone solve a problem, whilst reducing our environmental impact and using our profits to support the community – that is a real win.

So, why B Corp?

Three years into life as Pixel Fridge, we understand the need to prove our desire and target B Corp certification. Our journey has begun. The B Corp Movement is all about signing up to deliver social and environmental good through business. For those that aren’t very familiar with this, the key messages from the B Corp Movement are to:

  • Use business as a force for good
  • Improve social and environmental impact for businesses
  • People, planet and profit as equal

Our company values align with the messaging and aims of the B Corp Movement. With that in mind, we wanted to jump at the chance to join the movement.

We have always aimed to create a great place for people to work. Equality, enjoyment and empowerment in the workplace is something we feel very strongly about. We have a great culture within our company and that is something we are very proud of. We want people to love what they do, but we also want people to love how they do it; flexibility where it is needed, time to socialise away from our screens, office get togethers etc. We really try to deliver on the work/life balance.

What next?

In summary, the desire from all of the team at Pixel Fridge to do social and environmental good made this decision a no brainer. As we progress through our B Corp journey we will write more detailed articles on the specific areas that we want to focus on as a business.

Watch this space!

Nick Murray

Nick Murray

Director of Operations