International Women’s Day: Spotlight on our Women

As part of our mission to use technology for social and environmental good, we understand that championing equality has to be one of our core aims. We believe in empowering one another to feel appreciated and able to bring their whole selves to work each day.

We also know that Pixel Fridge occupies a male dominated industry, with women accounting for only 30% of science and technology professionals worldwide. We really value the contributions of all of our employees, and wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day by highlighting some of the brilliant work that the women in our organisation do.

To that end, Connie has chosen to interview three of our wonderful women; Hannah, Laura, and Gaelle!

What do you do at Pixel Fridge?

Hannah: I’m in the client service team as a Senior Project Manager.

Laura: I am in the design team, leading the UI side of projects.

Gaelle: I work in the design team as a UX/UI Designer.

Describe Pixel Fridge in three words:

Hannah: Smart, friendly and wholesome

Laura: Unpretentious, capable, warm

Gaelle: Fun, positive and inspiring.

How did you come into your roles?

Hannah: I actually worked with Nick, Chris and Tom in a previous life at a different digital agency about 8 years ago. Since then I had been freelancing at other agencies and doing a bit of a side hustle, but they got in touch and talked me into it (it didn’t take much!). I’ve been working here for nearly three years now.

Laura: I was freelancing from the coworking space where the Pixel Fridge Devon team is based. I met Nick (one of our co-founders) there and started working with them on a freelance basis. The partnership worked and I became a permanent member of the team in 2020.

Gaelle: After nearly 2 decades working in the print publishing industry, I felt like a new challenge. As I retrained to transition into UX and UI, a close friend talked very highly of this great digital agency he had been working with so that’s how I first heard of Pixel Fridge. When they posted on Instagram that they were looking for a UX/UI Designer to join their team, I jumped on the opportunity. The rest is (her)story.

What has made you proud over the course of your careers?

Hannah: I’ve had the same core career for a while but I’ve had a couple of side hustles I’ve done alongside them. I’m proud of how I balanced those time consuming passion projects alongside my freelance full time job, learning from all of them as I went. I love a bit of variety and being busy keeps me motivated.

Laura: I moved to New Zealand in 2010 and set up my own design business. I worked really hard to make a name for myself in a community and country that I was unfamiliar with. It pushed me far outside my comfort zone, but I managed to win repeat work with a number of established businesses.

Gaelle: Changing career at 40 is no easy task. I’m proud to have taken the plunge and found my feet at Pixel Fridge with a group of like-minded and talented colleagues.

What has been the biggest challenge of your careers?

Hannah: I was freelancing full time whilst also launching a sustainable rainwear brand on the side which was probably the busiest and most stressful thing I’ve ever done. It was fun though!

Laura: Being made redundant whilst on maternity leave was a challenge! Coming back from that and starting up as a freelancer felt daunting, but I managed to grow a client base that kept me really busy and got me through the two years before I started working with Pixel Fridge.

Gaelle: I suppose the career change in itself was a challenge. It’s hard to start again and be the new girl on the block. The Pixel Fridge team were really encouraging and supportive so the challenge was quickly overcome.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

Hannah: We’ve started working with some really interesting and lovely clients over the last few years so I’ve had lots of nice projects. Working with the Gatsby Foundation is always enjoyable, and the work they do is really valuable. I also love working with Kudu Collective, a South East London restaurant group who are really local to me and one of my favourite places to eat.

Laura: We have developed some really great relationships with our clients at Pixel Fridge, but one that stands out is Historic Houses. The work challenges are interesting and the mutual respect and trust makes their projects really enjoyable to work on.

Gaelle: I really enjoyed working on the City of Trees website. They plant trees and restore woodlands in the Greater Manchester area, for the benefits of both communities and wildlife. At the back of a brand refresh, they needed a new website to reflect the new direction of the organisation and promote their work. We’ve just launched the website and it’s great to see our work come to life. Working with organisations that make a positive difference is ever so rewarding.

Do you feel valued at Pixel Fridge?

Hannah: Yes, everyone is very generous and supportive here. It’s a lovely culture and we try to help each other out whenever we can.

Laura: 100%. It’s a very non-hierarchical company, and everyone’s opinion is valued and listened to.

Gaelle: Absolutely. I’m always encouraged to share my views and never feel like any question I may have is a bad one.

Have you ever faced any discrimination in the workplace?

Hannah: I think I’ve been lucky – nothing that I’ve known about springs to mind. Having said that, I think that ten years ago it was so normalised that it wouldn’t have registered in the same way that it would today. (I should add that I’ve never experienced it at Pixel Fridge!)

Laura: I can’t say for sure that it was discrimination – but myself and two colleagues from the same office (not Pixel Fridge!) were made redundant while on maternity leave. I feel like the industry as a whole could definitely work harder to support working mothers. The support I get in this regard is something that I really appreciate about working at PF.

Gaelle: I have experienced the odd case of ‘everyday sexism’ in the workplace in the past and it’s something that’s very difficult to tackle as it’s such a subtle nuanced issue. Being able to challenge it takes guts and it’s everyone’s responsibility to speak up, men included.

Is there any advice you’d give to women or girls starting out in the tech industry?

Hannah: Find an area within the industry that you feel passionate about. Seek out a workplace where you feel valued and inspired.

Laura: It is changing!! And if you see areas where improvements can be made, don’t be afraid to speak up. You deserve a place here.

Gaelle: Stick with it! The industry is changing and everyone is welcome. Problem-solving is fun and rewarding; it shouldn’t be reserved for the boys.

What do you admire about each other?

Hannah: I love Laura’s ability to dive into a project and throw out impressive ideas with minimal time to prepare. And I admire Gaelle for changing career, picking everything up really quickly and often doing things before I even have to ask. She also has an excellent bag which she makes available to me when I go snack shopping at M&S.

Laura: The PF women are all very different and I love that. I admire that they are their true selves both in and out of work (even if Hannah, Gaelle and Connie do occasionally dress alike!)

Gaelle: Positivity and a will to share knowledge. Laura and Hannah are always encouraging me, they’ve made me feel welcome from day 1 and I feel like a very valued member of the team.

What is your dream Pixel Fridge social (budget undefined)?

Hannah: I actually love our current socials which mainly consist of rambling, pub lunches and nice Airbnbs to party in. But failing that I wouldn’t say no to a jaunt down to the South of France or Italy with lots of food and wine.

Laura: We have been dreaming about a team ski holiday for ages. About time we made it happen I think!

Gaelle: A spa half-day, wine tasting and a wrestling match, not necessarily in this order.


I think we can all agree that a wine-fuelled, food-filled, rambling, skiing, wrestling spa trip needs to be on the agenda for Pixel Fridge in 2024. Here’s to lots more International Women’s Days spent together, and a big thank you to Gaelle, Hannah, and Laura for letting me interview them!

Connie Gillies

Connie Gillies

Operations assistant