Pixel Fridge’s Christmas shindig 2023

As we come to the end of a very busy year at Pixel Fridge, our team head to the lovely city of Bath to enjoy a break from the office and some festive treats!

Despite the train strikes and December weather, both our London and Devon teams were in high spirits as we embarked on our trip. Our three founders bravely got behind the wheel and made sure we all arrived safely, while James managed to get himself all the way down from Manchester.

After a delicious lunch and cider (when in Somerset!), we made our way to the Airbnb – expertly picked by the Christmas party planning committee. We all settled into our rooms and begun to surreptitiously place our secret santa presents under the tree. With no time to spare, the festivities began and we gathered around with a glass of fizz while our Santa (James) distributed the gifts. This year’s secret santa was one to rival all others, featuring Harry Styles paraphernalia, personalised dog tea towels, and so much more.

Laden with gifts, the Fridgelets hit the town, wandering through the beautiful Christmas market en route to our first activity – a virtual reality experience! Though it was potentially the world’s worst kept secret, most of us still had no idea what to expect. What we should have expected, it turns out, was FEAR and lots of it. Between shooting zombies and dodging each other’s rogue bullets, the ‘virtual’ element of the game became somewhat lost on a few of us, and we left feeling slightly traumatised and definitely ready for a soothing soft drink or perhaps a pint of something stronger.

All was soon forgotten as we sat down to some delicious cocktails and a luxurious three-course meal at the Elder restaurant. It was after dinner that the group began to disperse, with some of our more sensible colleagues calling it a night, while the rest of us enjoyed some more “adventurous” tipples elsewhere.

After not quite enough sleep (and some of the group doing an early morning run!), we loaded up on tea and toast and headed to our final group activity – the Thermae spa! Potentially the best hangover cure possible, we spent the morning swimming, steaming, and icing. Feeling very relaxed, if a little pruney, we sat down for one final bite to eat together. We left Bath exhausted, happy, and most of all in awe of Tom and his commitment to getting us home. Major thank yous to the organisers and drivers for providing us with such a wonderful and festive time!

Connie Gillies

Connie Gillies

Operations assistant