It’s official – We’re now a Certified B Corporation

Just over 18 months ago, we wanted to prove our commitment to using business as a force for good. We decided to begin the journey of joining some wonderful organisations around the globe in being B Corp Certified.

It makes me very (actually, very very) proud to confirm that we have now completed the rigorous process of tackling the impact assessment and we are officially a B Corp Certified organisation!

What does this mean?

For those that aren’t aware, the B Corp Certification means we officially join the B Corp Movement. B Corporations are seen as companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, with accountability and transparency for their performance. B Corporations are legally committed to benefit not just shareholders, but all business stakeholders; workers, customers, communities and the planet. The end goal is to create an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet.

For us, this is and has been so much more about the B Corp stamp of approval. As a young company, the whole process has laid the foundations for how we are set up. From formalising policies and process that benefit our employees, through to monitoring (and reducing) our carbon footprint and impact on the planet. We have learned and implemented so much more than we initially expected to gain from this process.

More importantly undertaking the whole process of certification has allowed us to stay true to our mission:

We partner with our clients to create websites and applications for social and environmental good. We achieve this by adhering to best practice design and development standards, working with like-minded organisations and selecting carbon-neutral partners.

What next?

Whilst we are so proud to have joined this group of like-minded organisations, we have a long way to go in achieving our goals (which will no doubt change and evolve as we age). Being a B Corp is all about continuous improvement. This is just the start of an ongoing journey to use our business as a force for good.

We’re also keen to share more of the guiding principles on what the B Corp Movement is. Over the course of 2024, we’ll share more information on each of the Impact Areas that we have been assessed on. This will give you an understanding of how we as a company have changed, as well as the effort that has gone into this process.

Finally, a huge thank you to the whole team at Pixel Fridge, with a special mention to our very own Hannah for owning this whole process! We’re very lucky to have such a great team of people.

Nick Murray

Nick Murray