A new website for...

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Redefining a new online experience for users engaging with Customer Experience (CX) agency Signal.

The challenge

Signal is an industry leading communication organisation specialising in the financial services and charity sectors. Their insight, design and technology capabilities allow them to deliver highly-personalised brand experiences.

We worked with Signal to lead the refresh of the UX, UI and then complete the build of a new website with a Drupal Content Management System. The old site was very limited in terms of content and functionality. It was in need of a complete overhaul to enable it to effectively showcase Signal’s recently refreshed brand and positioning. As a consequence the project had to be delivered in close collaboration with their own internal brand and copywriting teams.

The work

We fully reworked the site structure and user journey for the new website. The overall aim was to create a logical structure based around the core user groups identified during discovery. By holding workshops with business leaders at Signal, we were able to clarify these audiences and define the functional requirements that the site had to meet.

Once we had an approved structure, we were able to begin wireframing the new solution. We worked quickly and iteratively with the Signal stakeholders to reach a streamlined user journey and layouts for all of the core pages of the site. Timelines were tight and so constant collaboration and discussion between us and the Signal team was essential.

Moving to higher fidelity designs we were able to apply the Signal brand to bring the site to life including touches of animation and movement.

The development required our team to integrate the new site with a Drupal Content Management System, the CMS used at Signal. We began our process by building out the front end layouts for Signal to feedback on until approved. Once the front end templates were approved we were able to integrate these with Drupal to allow their in house team to maintain the site moving forward.

We created content templates for Signal to develop the content ready for us to input. Following cross-browser and device testing of the new experience with all of the final content in place we were able to launch the new website in accordance with the tight timelines that were agreed.

PixelFridge was the partner team of dreams – collaborative, flexible, and of course experts in their field. Their input was invaluable at every step. A talented bunch whose passion and expertise simply made the work better.
Sophie Bride, Creative Director at Signal