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INTO represent the global family of National Trusts. They promote the conservation of heritage for all nations, for the benefit of the people of the world and future generations. We were tasked with delivering a complete overhaul of their website and CMS.

The challenge

We are firm believers in INTO’s mission, making it a special project for Pixel Fridge to work on.

The website needed to act as a platform to connect all of the global national trusts and provide them with the necessary information, resources and tools to do their jobs. Given INTO’s global audience, accessibility and performance were key objectives.

The work

Working from the ground up, we used stakeholder workshops and user data from analytics to form a totally refreshed site structure.

Early prototyping helped stakeholders to visualise and feed back on the solution sooner. Using this feedback, we quickly iterated the design until the final interface was approved. The finishing touches involved applying INTO’s brand identity across the different views.

We then used Jira to break the requirements into manageable chunks for the development team. With the design and specification in place, development began. We started by building out the front end components to allow the INTO team to test the different page templates. We then crafted a bespoke WordPress CMS, giving INTO a simple interface to manage and maintain their content moving forward.


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We worked with Pixel Fridge to design and build our new website. They have been wonderful to work with – creative, supportive, reliable. And they made what to us was a rather daunting project seem smooth and stress-free We would warmly recommend them to others looking for a website developer.
Catherine Leonard, INTO Secretariat