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Santen have a long heritage in eye care. The organisation has been pioneering new treatments and advancements in ophthalmology for more than a decade. Their innovative product range includes Cationorm® – a first-of-a-kind eye drop that provides long-lasting relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye.

The challenge

Santen had recently developed a new brand, OcuWellness. This newly developed product needed a home on the web. The website would not only share approved eye-care tips with consumers, but also integrate their eCommerce platform. Previously, any kind of online shopping for Santen eye-care products was outsourced, resulting in a fragmented customer experience.

Key to the brief was the need to carefully balance the knowledge-sharing aspects of OcuWellness with the eCommerce side, and not be too heavy-handed on the sales pitch.

The work

Santen had an existing site that provided people with educational materials to help them understand better and manage their eye conditions. They also had an entirely separate website for their eCommerce functionality. Our task was to create a fully integrated website to replace both, whilst also switching to a more user-friendly content management system.

We worked closely with Santen and their various internal teams to create a flexible component-based structure. We included a ‘What’s new’ section for knowledge sharing, which was future-proofed to allow Santen to cover additional eye conditions and include additional products in future.

We also worked collaboratively with Santen’s fulfilment company to ensure that our new site provided the technology to seamlessly connect to their existing fulfilment system. The site was built using WordPress, and integrated with WooCommerce. This allows both editorial and eCommerce elements of the site to be managed from a single place. We had to ensure that the process ran smoothly from orders being placed, all the way through to delivery and customer feedback.

The result is an accessible and easy-to-use website. One that seamlessly balances the brand, editorial and sales objectives of OcuWellness.


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Pixel Fridge were a delight to work with – personable and easy-going. They were flexible and supportive throughout our project and really felt like an extension of the team, and their communication was great (and still is). All in all, I am really pleased with the level of support we received and I am looking forward to our continued collaboration
Kim Levy, Digital and Multichannel Marketer (UK & Ireland) at Santen