Our first Impact Report

We’re delighted to have completed our first Impact Report as an agency. We are currently undergoing the B Corp certification process and part of this has led us to create this report.

Impact report with no text

Working on this report has given us a reason to look back on our year as an organisation more holistically. This is much more than a report, this is a chance to review what we are doing well and where we can improve. As a leadership team, it gives us a reason to reflect on how we run the company with a focus on ‘People and Planet’. As you’ll see in this report, it has led us to make some significant changes to our policies, ways of working and so on.

We are very aware that we are only a small team, creating online purposeful experiences for our clients. But we really do believe that everyone needs to do what they can to do social good and reduce the impact they have on the planet. We won’t change the world overnight, but we will do what we can control.

The detail of this blog post lies within the Impact Report, so please do have a look through and feel free to share any thoughts or feedback with us at [email protected].


Download our Impact Report
Nick Murray

Nick Murray