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Screenshots from the KISTERS website
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Founded 60 years ago in Aachen Germany, KISTERS provide industry-leading environmental solutions. Combining data and technology, they help customers to save energy and overcome environmental challenges.

The challenge

When KISTERS approached us, they were in the process of major transformation. Not only were they undertaking a total rebrand, they were also refocusing their organisational positioning. Their goal was to be known as a global technology authority.

KISTERS needed a new website that was structured around user needs. One that clearly explains the value proposition to potential customers around the world.

Discovery process for KISTERS

The work

We guided KISTERS through a rigorous discovery process. During this phase we facilitated user testing, stakeholder interviews, analytics reviews and competitor analysis. Our goal was to understand user needs, and resolving any possible areas of friction in the customer journey.

After mapping the user journey, we helped KISTERS plan a new structure and content strategy for the website. The previous site had a tendency to leap into the technical information too quickly and overwhelm users. The new user experience prioritised the important messages, and revealed technical details only at appropriate times.

Screenshots from the KISTERS website

The results

We worked closely with the KISTERS marketing team to apply the new brand look-and-feel across the website, thinking about how elements would adapt and scale across different devices. We made sure to think about animation and visual flourishes too, ensuring the site felt engaging.

The site was developed using a component-based content management system, allowing content editors to create visually interesting and varied pages in multiple languages, without any coding knowledge.

As a firm who specialise in cloud-based software solutions, it was critical that the website adhered to KISTERS’ high security and performance standards. We worked closely with the IT team to ensure that all of the organisation’s hosting and security standards were met.

Pixel Fridge have been instrumental in helping us launch our global company website. Our organisation was complex to say the least, but the team brought expertise, professionalism and a can-do attitude. They helped us simplify our structure and technical language, forcing us to be concise and embrace a more modern website experience – a change that was long overdue.
Anna Wall, Global Director of Marketing at KISTERS